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Amanda Kerr

I found Finito at a time when my son (pictured) was lost.  It was post-pandemic, and his confidence and sense of direction were at an all-time low.  Ronel and the mentors he carefully selected to support my son were so invested in him from the outset.  They helped not only to steer him in the right direction of career choices, focussing on his skills and strengths, but were instrumental in boosting his self-belief, self-esteem and confidence.  That, combined with helping him produce a professional cv and preparing him for interviews, led to him securing a job which has set him forward on a positive career path.   Ronel and his team’s support was invaluable and we, as a family, are hugely grateful.

Victoria Borwick

After a negative career break, I had lost my confidence and was not able to communicate my skills and experience and be positive.  I was thrilled by the whole Finito package.  Sorting out professional photographs, updating my social media and Linked-in, getting me back on track and supporting me in making relevant job applications.  When it came to the shortlisting and interview process, they honed my skills and made sure I clearly answered the brief and was well prepared for likely questions.  As a result of their support, encouragement and preparation, I am delighted to have secured a national Chairmanship.

Adrian Potter

“I am extremely grateful for all the support and guidance Ronel and his colleagues at Finito have given me in applying for graduate positions. The mentoring I received when preparing for interviews and assessment centres was invaluable in helping me achieve my goal of receiving an offer from a Big 4 accounting firm.”

Harvey Hounslow

“Based on the testimony of others on this page and my own experience, the service that Finito offers is one that can help anyone achieve that longed-for next step in their career and life. Meeting online and in-person with several mentors, I found that the unique backgrounds and skill-sets of each furnished me with a broad set of perspectives that helped me no end – both in dealing with the practicalities of interview situations and developing a more strategic approach to my career. The depth and diversity of the mentoring team at Finito and the wealth of experience they bring to the table is a true strength.”

Matthias Alvarado-Schunemann

“I have been mentored by Georgina from Finito for about 6 months now. Having her as a mentor has helped my confidence greatly as I prepare for the next chapter of my education with university. She helped me to write a well presented personal statement for university as well as practicing my interview skills by doing various mock sessions. Her mentoring helped me decide which course I wanted to study and how to best articulate this to the various universities I decided to apply to. Georgina was also able to help me secure an internship at an accountancy firm last summer, during a time that is difficult to secure such placements especially for someone of my age. This internship gave me some really good exposure into the world of finance and accounting and will help me stand out from the crowd when I am applying for university as well as later on in my career. I feel very lucky to have found a mentor like Georgina at Finito and would recommend young people such as myself to sign up to the Mentorship programme to help guide them and to enable them to secure such valuable opportunities.”

Daniel Alvarado

“My son, Matthias was given Georgina from Finito as a mentor. She was the ideal mentor for him as she has a background in Finance and this is something he has a keen interest in. She was able to secure some work experience for Matthias for 2 weeks during the summer at an accountancy and investment management firm where he was able to shadow these two different teams. I know how challenging it is to find work experience for young people, especially at the moment so I was very grateful for this opportunity. Georgina also spends a considerable amount of time helping my son with his university applications including refining his personal statement as well as which universities would be best suited to his personality and skill-set. Having a mentor of this calibre has made me feel reassured that my son is in good hands and that he will have the best possible opportunities available. I can already see the rewards from this investment and I am delighted that Georgina from Finito continues to guide my son as he embarks onto university. I recommend all university students or young people either embarking on their careers or looking for a career change to get a mentor from Finito to help guide them.”

Matt Thomas

‘’Finito were incredibly useful in providing me with guidance and practice on interview techniques. This helped me kickstart my desired career in corporate sustainability consulting. My mentor Andy Inman provided me with not only professional but also important life skills to carry with me throughout my career’’

Louis Glick

Applying for work is always a daunting activity. Writing eye catching CV’s, creating a professional online presence, identifying opportunities for applications, and successfully convincing anyone who interviews you that you are not a raving lune are just some of the issues that must be faced. The entire process can be long, demoralising, and horribly overwhelming. Fortunately for myself, I was introduced to Finito.  With their patient help, and calm advice, what was a very stressful and isolating activity became more than manageable. Where I alone had been too close to the wood to see the trees, with their assistance I was able to reinvigorate my search for a profession that might suit me. Their advisers were knowledgeable and friendly, and were able to help guide me step by step through the process of finding a new career.  I am grateful for their help, and am confident that, should I need aid changing roles in the future, I will be able to call on them and their expert knowledge.

Isaac Singleton

“In the final year of my engineering degree at university I realised I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or achieve afterwards.

I was put in contact with Finito, with the help of their mentors and contacts my passions were refined into a career.

My eyes were opened into an industry that ticked all my requirements but I had not even really heard of, and certainly didn’t realise would be an option for me.

They helped me through the application process and my contacts helped me gain a greater understanding of the job than I ever would have been able to get from online resources.

I have now moved through a rigorous selection process and am entering the 2nd stage of professional training and have an exciting working future ahead of me, Andy Inman is a legend!”

Rupert Burgess

Finito allows candidates the chance to explore their ambitions, guiding and encouraging but more importantly giving them to grow, and find their chosen path. The quality of support throughout the process, which is not a specified time (it takes as long as is required) is superb. Ronel, who was also keenly involved and watched over my own daughter’s progress, has assembled a patient and understanding team of mentors available to answer questions at a moment’s notice, refine CVs and seek out work experience opportunities. I believe that this is a service that should be more widely known. Hopefully many more young people will have the chance to make use of this excellent springboard. Finito doesn’t just help with career choices and prospective jobs, it builds confidence – and that lasts longer.

Andrew Zelin

Finito provides a very comprehensive service to give candidates the best chance of achieving success in the job market.  They work on the principle of providing and developing individual contacts to help fast-track the standard bulk application process:  “Its Chief Executive can open so many doors”.  On entering the process, my CV was immediately upgraded with a professional headshot and re-drafted by a journalist.  I was also provided with lots of great advice on improving my LinkedIn profile and interview technique.  I got to meet up with several contacts that I would not have come across otherwise and they helped me improve my own journalistic exposure!  They were always there when things got difficult, and I was treated to a nice lunch out too.  Many thanks to the full team.

Yassen Ahmed

What does it mean to be a mentee? For me, Finito mentoring has meant a lot more to me than just becoming employable but also about both growing and developing myself beyond the confines of my limited perception of the world. Previously, before I was being mentored, I had always had the strong impression and regimented myself to believe that university was the only viable pathway for my chosen career. Though as a naive young adult there’s only so much experience and knowledge that I understand about careers and the world of work.

As a result, in the short time I have been a mentee with Finito, flexibility is one of the major lessons I have gained from my sessions. Paired with my desire to becoming a software engineer, which is quintessentially becoming one of the most flexible career paths in recent years, my mentor shone a light from a different perspective and guided me to discover a plethora of alternative routes that I had previously isolated, such as apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships or even entering directly into the work force with the right company. They have also allowed to understand how I can become more of an asset and of value to an employer, knowing what skills they look for within their company. I think these prospects have drastically helped me to hone into my current skills and factors so I can become more appealing applicant as well – all of which I firmly believe would have not as easily understood and know about on my own.

Coming from a background where finance has been difficult, I am very thankful for the monetary grant provided to me, it has aided in breaking down unnecessary financial barriers that I came across in my journey and exploration of my career. Allowing me to access online courses, books and other resources that were previously restricted to me, these opportunities have been able to maximise my current potential and performance like no other.

However, this is merely the start of my career journey, the benefits of the long-term investment with my mentor will only grow as time passes. That for me is why I love the mentoring with Finito.

Sarah Levy

“Applying for senior positions within my industry is competitive at the best of time, let alone at the start of a pandemic when shops closed, people stayed at home, and brands stopped advertising.

Alongside my own job hunt, Ronel and the Finito team leveraged marketing and business connections I would neither have had access to, nor would have thought to put myself forward for.  All of which widened my perspective to potential career development outside of media agencies.   In addition to this, and most notably, Ronel put a great amount of faith in my skillset and arranged a Zoom with Sir Martin Sorrell; an opportunity I certainly would never have had otherwise.  Not only did Ronel personally secure this connection with the top figure in our industry, but he built a support network of his team around me to ensure I was as polished as possible for when I spoke to Sir Martin.  In particular, Dana not only coached me and prepped me for that particular meeting, but also imparted invaluable guidance that I continue to use.

After writing about my meeting with Sir Martin on LinkedIn, new job opportunities arose, and companies I was already interviewing with accelerated their conversations with me; one of which is where I am now working as a Client Strategy Director.

Finito really does offer the full package; from start to finish, from CV to interview, and support in between that I didn’t even realise I needed support with.  Thank you!”

Adam Conn

My testimonial is meant for any parent or guardian looking to give a young person a significant competitive advantage in their search for employment. I am happy to recommend Finito’s services without reservation. We found them professional, approachable, confidence-inducing and in our son’s case, incredibly successful. Your job-seeker will be able to leverage Finito’s wide industry knowledge, experience of the recruiting world and an exceptionally broad network to their advantage. The question I suggest you ask yourself is why wouldn’t you?

Sarit Ben Lulu

Sophia Petrides and Ronel Lehmann were absolutely fantastic and very professional. They listened to my needs and to what I was looking for. They were available anytime I needed advice and guidance during my search for a job. They constantly sent me exciting and interesting opportunities and always checked in before and after my interviews. Most importantly they always boosted my confidence and encouraged me to do my best. I would 100% recommend using Finito Education services.

Tom Cordrey, University College London

“As an under-graduate, I was introduced to Finito, to help me obtain an internship during the 2018 summer recess. I met a number of business mentors who each gave me the tools and confidence to succeed. In spite of me being unsuccessful in numerous selection and competency test processes, they taught me how to think out of the box and stand out from the crowd. Amazingly I was finally granted my wish of experience in the financial world. I am in awe of their encouragement, attention to detail, camaraderie and friendship. I won’t forget how they taught me to get back up after falling at the first hurdle.”

Sam Carter, Real Estate Agent

“Finito is exactly what young people today need to help them get their first foot on the ladder, and to allow them to mature and make the right decisions as they transition from education to work. Ronel helped my son embark on a career in medicine some years ago. None of our family are medical people – we didn’t know where to start – but Ronel has fantastic connections and a great ability to put people together. He introduced Toby to a consultant that he knew at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, and gave him a huge helping hand. In launching Finito, he will now be able to do the same for lots of other young people.”

Tabby Clarke

“I had the pleasure of meeting Ronel a year ago and he instantly introduced me to friends and colleagues that opened up opportunities for me that no one else could have. They guided me through the rather tricky process of getting a job and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have the job I do today. For anyone thinking of starting the process and needing extra guidance I would highly recommend Finito. Good luck!”

Alla Finn

“It doesn’t get better than Finito. Their care, incredible dedication and attention to detail means that I will be, forever in their debt.”

Gabriella Pauk, London Advertising

“I am so grateful to Finito for helping me open the door to a career in advertising. They took the time to really prepare me for any eventuality during an interview. The hilarious thing was that all of the questions and answers which we carefully role played, never came up! I still managed to be offered the position, which I of course accepted”

Zanib Sulaman

“I was so fortunate to be introduced to the Finito Career Change Mentoring team by the Chief Executive of Genix Healthcare, the corporate dental group. From my initial contact, they swung into action, guiding and helping me to transition to an exciting new challenge commensurate with my senior experience. I must commend the business mentors who worked with me for their dedication, care, good humour and kindness. Finito should always be a first port of call for any parent seeking a return to work after having a child.”

Joshua Pauk, Graduate – University of Bristol

“It is a pretty daunting experience to be interviewed during the selection process by computer, not a human being. The best thing about Finito was the expert training of how to handle Hire Vue and other virtual software used by the banks when recruiting graduates.

Hebe Burgess, Student

“Finito have been invaluable to me in the past year, helping me to secure various work experience and internship opportunities, even in the midst of the first lockdown. Finito also provided advice on potential career paths through connecting me to various experts in each field. When I reached the stage of sending off job applications Finito went above and beyond in helping me to prepare for interviews as well as to fine tune my CV. I have no doubt that without these I would not have been in such a position to have been able to accept my job.”

Zack Appleton, Nottingham Trent University

“I graduated this year and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. Finito took the time to open my mind to a variety of different career paths and opportunities. They helped me to present myself and make me more compelling to prospective employers, guided me to improve my interview techniques and really gave me the confidence to step up and succeed. Thank you so much, I am forever in your debt!”

Adam J Fox

“Finito provided solid and simple interview advice that led to a balanced, two way interview and ultimately a successful placement.”

E Bleasdale

“I was looking to change career paths after many years in Finance. I hadn’t put together a CV for a long time and hadn’t paid much attention to finessing my Linkedin profile. Finito’s experts gave excellent advice on editing and refining to show my best self to future or prospective employers and Ronel Lehmann introduced me to some excellent connections. Quite soon after Finito’s team advised me I procured my job in the Chairman’s Offie at Christie’s UK. I am very grateful to Finito and will continue to recommend them to everyone looking for career advice and support”

Jamie Sampson

“I am just emailing to say I attended an interview with Randstad, a recruitment company. I was there for a few hours and had to participate in some role playing and tests. After a great interview, I was offered a place and decided to take it.”

Richard Palengat, Head of Marine & Energy, AEGIS London

“I have known Ronel for more than 30 years, and he was in fact instrumental in helping me secure my first job as a Lloyd’s underwriter all those years ago. He is, and always has been, innately personable and skilled at bringing out the best in people. I have every reason to believe he will make Finito a real success. His personality and business experience combine to make him an ideal mentor to young people. With his guidance on ‘presentability’, and the benefit of his many connections, students on the course are bound to go far.”

Adam Fischer, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Kaspersky Lab

“I graduated from university with a broad idea of the industry sector which I wanted to work in, but without any idea of how to break into it. Ronel very kindly agreed to take the time to help me identify avenues of opportunity and sectors that seemed most appropriate to my skills and interests. Even after managing to secure a graduate role in a global consultancy, Ronel continued to be an accessible source of sage advice.”

John Roberts, Commercial Pilot

I used to work for a UK mobile retail store however, my real passion lay elsewhere. Having flown with the Royal Air Force Reserves at Southampton University, I won a trip to Co-pilot an RAF jet. This was to become a moment that would change my life.

Thanks to Graham Turner, a business mentor at Finito, he recognised that I really wanted to become a pilot and discarded my every excuse as to why I shouldn’t pursue my real dream.

He helped me to put a plan together, researching the requirements needed for me to join a commercial training program. Under his guidance, I applied to Oxford Aviation and was accepted.

Graham mentored me over the 24-month training period, keeping me focused in addition to practicing my interview skills and techniques over Zoom calls to improve my confidence.

I was accepted into the program and became the best candidate in the group having been originally selected from thousands of applicants. lt looked good and everything was going to plan. However, the final stage required me to have a medical and to my great surprise I received the news that I had been rejected because of a heart condition – paroxysmal atrial. I underwent a simple heart operation that reset my heartbeat. Unfortunately, I then had to wait a year before I could be assessed. During the delay, in addition to Covid restrictions, Graham kept me motivated and focused.

In the interim, I took the opportunity of continuing my studies. In August 2020,  I was accepted by EasyJet and passed not only with flying colours, but all 14 exams first time.

Alice Wright

Working for Finito has given me the opportunity to utilise in practice the skills I was learning while studying for my journalism MA. I really enjoyed the range of topics I was able to cover from sport to politics. I was given the opportunity to cover shorter news pieces about the world of employment as well as produce longer reads on sectors that I was particularly interested in, such as the equestrian industry. The Finito team were exceptionally generous with their contacts for interviews and went out of their way to place my work in large, well-known publications such as Country Life and City A.M. Such publications can be very hard to break into and Finito has given me the opportunity to showcase my work. I am hugely grateful to the Finito team for the confidence they have shown in me and the commitment to nurturing my writing. I would encourage others who want a start in journalism to get in touch.

Christy Watson

Finito has been instrumental in my professional growth. They have guided me throughout the recruitment process and still continue to offer me support well after I have begun my new role. Finito provides such focus and attention to detail which makes you feel like the ‘most important client’! Deep gratitude to them all for the dedication of its mentors, colleagues and friends.

Oscar Peter, Marketing Executive

“I finished uni this year, and when I was a few months from graduating I started panicking, like all third-years do, about having to become an adult. I have always had a very clear idea about what I wanted to do, but Ronel helped me make that happen, by putting me in touch with people, and then guiding me through the interview process. He obviously really cared about helping me, and without him I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in now, doing what I want to do.”

Isabel Batchelor, Team Assistant, Finsbury

“Finito provided reassurance and spurred my confidence to succeed. Their creative design team took my ideas and originated collateral which got me noticed by prospective employers. I will always be grateful to them for their hands on approach and being available providing support, encouragement and advice. The best thing is, that even though I changed my mind about what I wanted to do, Finito guided me to my chosen career path and I have never been happier.”

Yemi Lufadeju, Communication Specialist, UNICEF

“I have had the pleasure of working with business mentors at Finito and gained some effective leadership skills and valuable work ethics. The bespoke guidance received, has helped me stay on a path that best meets my aspirations. Finito is not solely about helping people get a job, it is about equipping people to help them make the most of opportunities and fulfil their potential. Weeks and months after helping me to achieve a move to New York, its Chief Executive never ceases to amaze me by remaining an approachable source of advice and encouragement.“

Roger Flaxman

“Sophie is ‘over the moon’. I recently introduced my 24 year-old daughter to Finito for expert career and CV presentation advice; and what a result! She was immediately impressed with their articulate and pragmatic recommendations. The Finito concept uniquely, it seems, prepares the whole person to present themselves to the discerning employer.”

Nathan, Undergraduate

“The help that I received from Ronel and his colleagues at Finito was second to none. As someone close to graduating who had completed a placement year, I was unsure where my experience could take me and I found myself not being able to identity the roles I could excel in and what organisations I wanted to work for. I reached out to Ronel who, with his colleagues, helped me to improve the quality of my CV and covering letters but, above all, worked with me to identify the kind of roles that I really wanted to apply for. As a result of Finito’s help, my job prospects took a turn for the better, due to the improvement in my applications, and I could not be more grateful for their help.”


“I am delighted with my Finito experience. When I approached them, I had been unemployed for a while and felt dejected and directionless. With the help of their team, we worked out the type of role I would be well suited to and prepared my job application credentials. Finito’s excellent business mentors then helped me target a few companies and run though practice interviews. All of this meant I was fully prepared for whatever came my way. When I was presented with an opportunity that they thought would suit me well, my first thought was it looked very different from other roles I had been considering, I approached it with an open mind and applied. I have now been happily employed for four months. They prioritise their clients and build genuine relationships with them so that they fully understand their needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for career change guidance and coaching.”

Amy Goillau, Underwriting Assistant, Offshore Energy

“I first met Ronel, the Finito founder, on a Compliance Team secondment with The Conservative Party. I was lucky enough to get chatting with him about my career aspirations and he very kindly, through his contacts, made it possible for me to visit Lloyd’s of London and see for myself the insurance market in operation. When I was sure that this was the career for me, I was able to secure an opportunity with Arch Insurance. Ronel made a great difference to my career, and I’m sure will now do the same for many others through Finito.”

Peter Ingram, Chief Technology Officer, Hastee Pay

“If you are seeking a new challenge or direction, there is no organisation better placed to assist than Finito. The quality of their network is so extensive, they provide access to senior contacts and opportunities, which wouldn’t ordinarily take you seriously, without their introduction. I strongly commend their business mentoring team for helping me in my quest for a new senior Board level position. This will inspire any student starting out who wishes to emulate my success.”

Georgia Heneage

Before I started writing for Finito, I was an enthusiastic but very inexperienced journalist. I’d just done an MA in journalism and an English degree at Oxford, and was slightly flailing around looking for writing opportunities. Despite having these qualifications, I found it an inordinately difficult industry to penetrate. Finito World picked me up and gave me a chance; they nurtured my career, offering me guidance and help at the time I most needed it. The team gave me incredible contacts to interview (Layla Moran, Natalie Bennett, Robert Halfon and Lee Elliot Major, for instance) in a wide range of areas – from politics and current affairs to the arts. And, crucially, the editors gave me the scope and freedom to write on pretty much anything that interested me, whilst also advising me on interesting topics, sending interesting interviewees my way and editing my work in an encouraging yet exacting manner. This has meant that I’m leaving with a great portfolio and range of experience, as well as – and most crucially – the confidence to keep writing and interviewing. I’ve learnt a huge amount working for Finito World, and these are skills which I’ll take with me throughout my career. I’m hugely grateful for these opportunities given to me at such a difficult period (especially being mid-pandemic) and for the faith which everybody at Finito World showed in me where others did not.


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