Louis Glick

Applying for work is always a daunting activity. Writing eye catching CV’s, creating a professional online presence, identifying opportunities for applications, and successfully convincing anyone who interviews you that you are not a raving lune are just some of the issues that must be faced. The entire process can be long, demoralising, and horribly overwhelming. Fortunately for myself, I was introduced to Finito.  With their patient help, and calm advice, what was a very stressful and isolating activity became more than manageable. Where I alone had been too close to the wood to see the trees, with their assistance I was able to reinvigorate my search for a profession that might suit me. Their advisers were knowledgeable and friendly, and were able to help guide me step by step through the process of finding a new career.  I am grateful for their help, and am confident that, should I need aid changing roles in the future, I will be able to call on them and their expert knowledge.

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