Sarah Levy

“Applying for senior positions within my industry is competitive at the best of time, let alone at the start of a pandemic when shops closed, people stayed at home, and brands stopped advertising.

Alongside my own job hunt, Ronel and the Finito team leveraged marketing and business connections I would neither have had access to, nor would have thought to put myself forward for.  All of which widened my perspective to potential career development outside of media agencies.   In addition to this, and most notably, Ronel put a great amount of faith in my skillset and arranged a Zoom with Sir Martin Sorrell; an opportunity I certainly would never have had otherwise.  Not only did Ronel personally secure this connection with the top figure in our industry, but he built a support network of his team around me to ensure I was as polished as possible for when I spoke to Sir Martin.  In particular, Dana not only coached me and prepped me for that particular meeting, but also imparted invaluable guidance that I continue to use.

After writing about my meeting with Sir Martin on LinkedIn, new job opportunities arose, and companies I was already interviewing with accelerated their conversations with me; one of which is where I am now working as a Client Strategy Director.

Finito really does offer the full package; from start to finish, from CV to interview, and support in between that I didn’t even realise I needed support with.  Thank you!”

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