Amy Goillau, Underwriting Assistant, Offshore Energy

“I first met Ronel, the Finito founder, on a Compliance Team secondment with The Conservative Party. I was lucky enough to get chatting with him about my career aspirations and he very kindly, through his contacts, made it possible for me to visit Lloyd’s of London and see for myself the insurance market in operation. When I was sure that this was the career for me, I was able to secure an opportunity with Arch Insurance. Ronel made a great difference to my career, and I’m sure will now do the same for many others through Finito.”

Oscar Peter, Marketing Executive

“I finished uni this year, and when I was a few months from graduating I started panicking, like all third-years do, about having to become an adult. I have always had a very clear idea about what I wanted to do, but Ronel helped me make that happen, by putting me in touch with people, and then guiding me through the interview process. He obviously really cared about helping me, and without him I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in now, doing what I want to do.”

Sam Carter, Real Estate Agent

“Finito is exactly what young people today need to help them get their first foot on the ladder, and to allow them to mature and make the right decisions as they transition from education to work. Ronel helped my son embark on a career in medicine some years ago. None of our family are medical people – we didn’t know where to start – but Ronel has fantastic connections and a great ability to put people together. He introduced Toby to a consultant that he knew at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, and gave him a huge helping hand. In launching Finito, he will now be able to do the same for lots of other young people.”

Gabriella Pauk, Executive Assistant

“I am so grateful to Finito for helping me open the door to a career in advertising. They took the time to really prepare me for any eventuality during an interview. The hilarious thing was that all of the questions and answers which we carefully role played, never came up! I still managed to be offered the position, which I of course accepted”

Richard Palengat, Head of Marine & Energy, AEGIS London

“I have known Ronel for more than 30 years, and he was in fact instrumental in helping me secure my first job as a Lloyd’s underwriter all those years ago. He is, and always has been, innately personable and skilled at bringing out the best in people. I have every reason to believe he will make Finito a real success. His personality and business experience combine to make him an ideal mentor to young people. With his guidance on ‘presentability’, and the benefit of his many connections, students on the course are bound to go far.”