Student Charter

Our charter

The mission of Finito is to give students a route to work that cannot be found elsewhere.  Its courses help job hunters make the transition from education to employment, giving them the necessary skills and training to fully prepare them to embark on business and professional life.

Learning is a partnership and this charter sets out the mutual duties and responsibilities which are necessary if the partnership is to flourish and be successful.

Finito undertakes to:

  • Encourage its staff to treat students and colleagues equally and respectfully

Finito undertakes to provide:

  • High standards of teaching, support, advice and guidance
  • Access to activities that will enhance employability and personal development
  • Regular continuing professional development for its staff

Finito undertakes to provide students with the following information:

Reasonable notice for changes to timetable, cancelled classes, re-scheduling of content, etc.
Clear deadlines and timeframes – in the handbook – for assessment and feedback
A handbook which details assessment criteria. Contact hours, mode of delivery of the course, academic guidance and support, and complaints procedures
Course costs, payment options and deadlines and information about any necessary additional costs
Students undertake to:

Treat staff and fellow students equally and respectfully
Attend and participate in timetabled classes, attend meetings with tutors, etc.
Give notice of any unavoidable absences
Take responsibility for managing their own learning, actively engaging in the course, ensuring they spend sufficient time in preparation and follow-up activities, and participating fully in group activities
Submit any required work in a timely way and actively participate in feedback
Make prompt payment of the charges required by Finito
Give feedback to Finito which can lead to improvements in the quality of learning and teaching
Complaints Procedure:

Finito will always try to make sure that any issues that you raise, or problems that you face, are dealt with speedily and to everyone’s satisfaction.  If, however, you continue to have concerns, the following complaints procedure is designed to ensure that issues are dealt with adequately and in good time: Click Here.


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