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Helping Students

Finito is committed to helping young people into work, and we have no desire to turn away students simply because they cannot afford our fees. We believe that proper career guidance and job-seeking advice should be available to everyone, and we have connections with many donors who share that view and are willing to sponsor students who wish to access our tutoring programmes.

Andrew Law

“The Law Family Charitable Foundation is delighted to be sponsoring Finito’s bursary scheme. Unlocking any individual’s full potential is a difficult but greatly rewarding pursuit. Our intention is that the ongoing proof of concept will lead to more sponsors supporting this fantastic initiative.”

Dr Selva Pankaj, CEO, Regent Group

“As CEO of a UK education group, I fully appreciate how difficult it can be to take those first steps onto the career ladder, especially in the current volatile landscape of the pandemic.  Hopefully, by supporting this initiative, we can help more individuals find the path that is right for them.”

Khawar Qureshi KC

“My work has enabled me to interact closely with senior State and Business sector representatives from more than 80 Countries on commercial and international disputes . It is a pleasure to work with Finito in providing opportunities to talented individuals who will hopefully, in turn, contribute meaningfully to society when they flourish in their chosen careers”

Professor Nadey Hakim GCStJ, MD, PhD

“You help so many young people to preparing them for the world of work and a wide variety of careers. Finito really makes things happen and it is incumbent on me to support you and to encourage others to follow my lead.”

Laurence Geller CBE, CEO and Chairman of Loveday & Co

“Having started in the kitchen of the Connaught Hotel worked my way to have owned hotels with some of the most respected hotels bearing luxury hotel brands, and both founder and Chairman of Loveday & Co, I understand the challenges faced by young people in the early days of their careers.  I’m proud to be Chancellor of the University of West London, supporting young people into business, healthcare and hospitality, and hope to extend that work through Finito’s Bursary scheme. I have no doubt that mentoring and education go hand in hand and are essential to tomorrow’s leaders from wherever they start in life.”

Richard Oldfield, Henry Oldfield Trust

“Finito works intuitively with young people to help them pinpoint the areas in which they can best excel and to move into fulfilling jobs. Their support of young people is invaluable. Lumos Education is committed to helping young people to access the best education opportunities. Finito helps them with their first step into the workplace. We are delighted to contribute to the Finito bursary for those who would not otherwise be able to afford this superb service.”

Dr Richard Davis, Belfast

“I find myself totally motivated to help young people needing a little extra support so that their jump into work is easier”

Mike Watson, CEO, Tube Tech International Limited

“As a business owner, I often find myself mentoring students, school leavers and university graduates, many of whom are desperate for reassurance and guidance. Finito’s offering allows the sharing of invaluable insights, empowering youngsters in essential life values and reminding them the world is not as complex as portrayed – we’ve been their age before! Finito definitely put their money (and my own) where their mouth is!”

Lord Ranger CBE

“The future of a nation lies in the hands of its students. By supporting students, the destiny of the country is shaped.”

The John Griffin Foundation

“In my long career mentoring young people, it fills me with enormous pride that I created employment for thousands of people at Addison Lee. Finito continues this important work and I am delighted to be a part of their team.”

Dinesh Dhamija

“I have been helping entrepreneurs through coaching and mentoring over the past 17 years.

Finito’s focus on young people is admirable and I am proud to join their group in support. My own expertise is in the fast growing online Business to Consumer sector, and the green energy solar and Hydrogen fields.”

James Ferrin, Director, Virtual Campaign Management

“We are honoured to be working with Finito, who provide such a vital service to the younger members of our society. We would like to wish all Finito students the very best for their future endeavours.”

John Cahill, Chairman, The Stewarts Foundation

“In a perfect world comprehensive career guidance would be available to all regardless of their background. The Stewarts Foundation is delighted to support the important work of Finito via its bursary scheme.”

Mohamed Amersi, Amersi Foundation

“After completing their education, many students still flounder trying to secure a meaningful career. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and thought leader, I have always felt a burden of responsibility to help champion and inspire the next generation. We have long supported young people to increase their employment chances across the world and at this time, we are proud to support Finito for the outstanding work it does in facilitating opportunities for young people.”

Tim Clark

“I was a secondary Head for 18 years, firstly of a selective grammar school and latterly of a very difficult academy in Hackney, sited on one of the largest and most deprived council estates in the country; I now work as an education consultant and professional development trainer. One of the key purposes of education is to prepare young people for adulthood and for the world of work; it is for this reason that I am delighted to support the incredibly valuable work undertaken by Finito.”

Quintessentially Education

“As a specialist education advisory service, we are fully aware of the challenges that young people can face when trying to transition into the world of full time employment. After years of academic training, many need further support with realizing their full potential in the jobs market. We are proud to support such a worthy cause.”

Gemma Levine FRSA

“I am honoured to be part of aiding this scheme. It is vital that young people, who have talent and worked devotedly through school and university, have a chance to pursue their passion. Finito is able to find mentors, politicians, highly qualified businessmen, dedicated medical professors to help young people find the right path in their chosen professions, here in the UK and abroad. I am delighted to have been able to respond to this exciting mission, which helps inspire and motivate, the next and future generations.”

Jeff Katz, Chief Executive, Bishop Group

“As someone who benefited from the days when higher education and career advice was free, I feel the need to assist those who may not have the means to pay. I am pleased to donate a Finito bursary in the knowledge that it will give someone an advantage they might not otherwise have.”

Richard Desmond

“Like my book, Finito is the real deal. I am a proud supporter.”

Simon Blagden CBE, Chair of Larkspur International Ltd and former Chair of Fujitsu UK

“I served the Government’s advisory panel reviewing the future of technical education. During the two year process we met with hundreds of young people all over the country. I am delighted to support the work of Finito. The valuable work which you do strongly resonates with both students and their parents.”


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