Yassen Ahmed

What does it mean to be a mentee? For me, Finito mentoring has meant a lot more to me than just becoming employable but also about both growing and developing myself beyond the confines of my limited perception of the world. Previously, before I was being mentored, I had always had the strong impression and regimented myself to believe that university was the only viable pathway for my chosen career. Though as a naive young adult there’s only so much experience and knowledge that I understand about careers and the world of work.

As a result, in the short time I have been a mentee with Finito, flexibility is one of the major lessons I have gained from my sessions. Paired with my desire to becoming a software engineer, which is quintessentially becoming one of the most flexible career paths in recent years, my mentor shone a light from a different perspective and guided me to discover a plethora of alternative routes that I had previously isolated, such as apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships or even entering directly into the work force with the right company. They have also allowed to understand how I can become more of an asset and of value to an employer, knowing what skills they look for within their company. I think these prospects have drastically helped me to hone into my current skills and factors so I can become more appealing applicant as well – all of which I firmly believe would have not as easily understood and know about on my own.

Coming from a background where finance has been difficult, I am very thankful for the monetary grant provided to me, it has aided in breaking down unnecessary financial barriers that I came across in my journey and exploration of my career. Allowing me to access online courses, books and other resources that were previously restricted to me, these opportunities have been able to maximise my current potential and performance like no other.

However, this is merely the start of my career journey, the benefits of the long-term investment with my mentor will only grow as time passes. That for me is why I love the mentoring with Finito.

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