Tim Levy

Tim is Founder & CEO of Twyn Holdings Limited, a four-year-old start up that has created software, a platform and process to deliver an experience that we call “interactive You Tube”. This allows us to scale people in an authentic, emotionally connecting, “deep real” way such that they can have 100 million simultaneous, one on one, real time, conversational interactions. Twyn is commercially launching “interactive masterclasses” by way of an App based on one of the world’s top (and most followed socially) surfers in Spring 2022. Twyn is also commercially launching a second App, English language conversation practice (initially targeted at intermediary level second language learners) in H1 2022. Prior to this, Tim has founded or co-founded 15 start-ups, raising over $10B in capital. Tim also manages the private investments of his Family Office, focusing on new ideas that already have commercial traction and require scaling.


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