Sheridan Mangal

Sheridan started his career in 1977 at the London Stock Exchange and has become an accomplished business professional with over 45yrs commercial experience on an international scale. This encompasses an active understanding of global financial markets and full grasp of innovative business enterprise. While building his career in investment banking, hedge funds and ‘fintech’, Sheridan simultaneously continued to strengthen his academics, notably acting on his ever-present interest in the law, completing his degree and subsequently taking his masters and bar exams. The past 15yrs has seen Sheridan deliver business education in four distinct areas: business law, commercial enterprise, industrial innovation and corporate finance. In these contexts, he has designed and implemented learning initiatives including delivery of term-structured subjects to 16-24yr students, but also professional training to experienced professionals of varying industries.  During this time Sheridan also pursued his passion for mentoring and youth advancement. He assisted several charities by voluntarily helping young adults, some immersed in negative lifestyles, with diversionary guidance to help develop their personal and professional attributes while mapping out future goals. Further to this, Sheridan continues to tutor students and the newly employed in finance, law and insurance as they embark on achieving professional qualifications. Sheridan has faced many personal and career challenges, including notable successes, but also failures that provide valuable learning experiences. He relies on self-motivation, true adaptability and a solution-focused attitude. Often called upon to deliver talks, sit on panels and serve on or chair committees in both commercial and voluntary societal contexts, Sheridan subscribes to sharing his experiences for the benefit of those facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles as they try to advance.  Offline, Sheridan enjoys family time, following Chelsea FC, cosmos watching and completing cryptic crosswords.


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