Kate King

Kate King is extremely passionate about coaching and its catalytic impact that permeates both to our working and personal lives. She has personally used coaching throughout my life to deal with different work and personal challenges. Kate’s main areas of interest are career and confidence coaching, team dysfunction, self-care and resilience. As an ambitious single mother for much of her career in a male dominated organisation, she empathises with those working the ‘second shift’ after a stretching day job.

Kate believes that the relationship between coach and individual is unique. She starts her coaching relationship with a chemistry review to see that both she and her student feel they can work constructively together. She has a strong questioning approach and her natural curiosity supports both her and her students’ understanding for the desired outcome. Kate is especially interested in supporting people to motivate themselves and their teams to achieve high performance and deal with difficult issues. Her aim is to develop an individual so that they end up developing strategies that will translate into everyday success (personal as well as professional). Kate’s clients describe her as interested, engaging and motivating often leaving our sessions with high energy and insight not previously known. She has a track record in coaching high potential with individuals at every level to support personal and organisational development.


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