Edward Short

Edward Short is a mental health advocate with years of experience in the world of business. He is the Director of Professional and Financial Services at Norwegian edtech Attensi. Edward served in the British Army for eight years, deploying on multiple operations in Iraq and Afghanistan ultimately being responsible for training British troops who deployed to Afghanistan. Following his time in the military, Edward was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group working on leadership, culture and transformational change programs across the financial services industry. Following BCG, Ed built the UK marketplace team at Amazon into a billion dollar revenue business, before building his own business consulting on leadership, growth and transformation programs at The Possibility Pod. He also co-founded and built a community-based digital platform to support veterans who struggled with mental health, called vLancer. His passion for providing mental health support to veterans is matched by his love of enabling people to find their path, lifelong learning and building impactful training solutions, which makes him an ideal mentor for those who are in search of direction. Edward commissioned from RMA Sandhurst into the British Army and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Experimental Psychology.


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