Dr David Moffat

David began his career in the Royal Navy. After serving for an 11-year period he transitioned into corporate recruitment. During his 25-year career as an executive recruiter, he was responsible for the executive talent needs of investment banks, professional service firms, and technology companies based in Australasia, Japan, SE Asia, the USA and UK. His exposure to a wide range of cultures and languages has provided experience and understanding of the idiosyncratic nature and cultural issues that arise when recruiting within these international markets.

After successful military and corporate recruitment careers, he attended university as a mature student gaining a PhD and a BSc with first-class honours. During his full-time PhD studies, he was employed as a sports psychology lecturer to undergraduates. For his doctorate, he investigated the visual system at the neural level in elite sports performance.

David advises clients with the central focus of his work in career counselling, career progression, and career transition. He has a passion for partnering and linking talent to corporate value by consulting each stakeholder to make better career decisions. David has changed career successfully three times and can help you explore your career options, develop a clear vision for the future, and prepare for advancement, a change within your industry, or a total career shift.

As a pragmatist, his coaching philosophy involves the use of a practical approach to understanding the career needs of each client with an emphasis on evaluating actions and beliefs based on their consequences. David empowers his clients to achieve their personal and professional goals and personal branding through innovative coaching techniques. He is up to date with the latest recruitment practices using AI, digital assessment centres, online entry examinations, and IQ testing. He is a high energy person and problem solver with the ability to translate from complex to simple. David will coach you to understand the factors of excellence that are necessary for attaining career success. Notably, impression management, self-promotion, distinctive persona and social networking.


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