Divyesh Kamdar

Divyesh Kamdar has 40 years of experience in management, serving as a chartered accountant and consultant before moving into auto parts distribution. He began his career in 1982 at the accounting firm PwC as a Senior Manager. Divyesh then switched to consulting, serving as Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company for five years. In 1996, Divyesh began a journey in the auto parts industry which would lead him to serve as Owner and Managing Director at Comline Auto Parts up to this day. He recalls the humble beginnings of the venture, remembering that “in the early days our speciality was anything and everything”. Comline Auto Parts is now an award winning multi-national corporation based in an impressive headquarters in Luton. Divyesh earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Sciences from the London School of Economics in 1982. He returned to his studies in 1990 and was awarded an MBA in Strategy from the Hult International Business School.


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