Lord Mott

Darren was Director of Campaigning for the Conservative Party during its most successful election campaign in decades, delivering the historic result of 2019. Following that success, he was promoted to CEO of the Party, steering CCHQ through the turbulence of the pandemic, overseeing the opening of a new HQ in Leeds and ensuring the successful delivery of two leadership elections. Darren has served six Prime Ministers, working on eight General Election campaigns. Having begun his career as an apprentice to the party, he was appointed Director of Campaigning in 2015. This included presenting and taking part at political Cabinet meetings and running the professional field operation of the Conservative Party right across the UK. With unparalleled experience, he remains an adviser to the Party and a board member of the Conservative Foundation. He is a mentor with the Patchwork Foundation, a UK based charity that encourages the positive integration of underrepresented, disadvantaged & minority communities into British political society. He is a director and founding board member of the British Digital Private Markets Association.  Darren has supported and advised on the work of other political leaders and parties across the world, supporting the work of the International Democratic Union and The Global Alliance of the Centre Right. He is passionate about helping the next generation to find their meaningful career.


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