Chloë Garland

Chloë Garland is an experienced career coach and the founder of Quarter Life, a life-coaching practice dedicated to helping young people through the transition to the working world. Her practice is named after the “quarter-life-crisis”, a period of uncertainty and detachment that many people experience in their 20s. She has volunteered as a coach at the charity Giving Time since 2018. The charity works with time as a currency, by having children work for one hour in their local community for every hour of coaching that they receive. She also volunteered with Little Big Africa, which works with the communities of Eastern Uganda to protect, harness, and promote natural resources, focusing on water, sanitation, hygiene, and efficient energy. Chloë holds a Philosophy BA from the University of Nottingham, and a Diploma in Transformational Coaching from the Animus Centre for Coaching. She is a Certified Executive Coach at The Academy of Executive Coaching, and also holds a diploma in coaching from the MOE Foundation.


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