Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown has been Managing Director of Alterra Business Consulting for 13 years, helping companies and charities with their online communications by establishing a clear strategy which meets their objectives. They provide 1-2-1, group and in-house training for people who want to learn the latest strategies and tactics. She began her career as a Financial Analyst for Ford Motor Company before moving to Baring Asset Management, managing pension funds as an Investment Manager. She then went on to become Assistant Director at UBS Global Asset Management, where she developed specialist passive funds and quantitative investment for UK pension funds. She joined Finito in 2021 because of her passion for helping mentees succeed. She specialises in crafting LinkedIn profiles which showcase a student’s education, experience, skills, qualities and aspirations in a concise manner. She believes that it is essential to build a valuable network on the platform, connecting with contemporaries at school and college, work colleagues, and people that students come into contact with in their professional and personal lives. Amanda earned her Master of Science in Management Science from Imperial College London in 1979. She has a strong history of volunteer work, in the fields of human rights, economic empowerment, and helping children.


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