Alejandra Arteta Gomez

Alejandra is a mindfulness-based leadership coach, with extensive experience empowering individuals to develop the qualities needed to grow as conscious leaders. Leveraging 15 years as a project manager and over 12 years as a coach, Alejandra empowers individuals to thrive as authentic leaders and walk confidently down the path toward a fulfilling and successful life.

She works with a wide range of individuals and organizations; CEOs & founders, executives, mid-level managers, prison officers and governors, from a variety of mid-sized companies, corporations, start-ups, charities and the public sector.

Her work revolves around creating a more sustainable leadership, and the impact that emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and wellbeing have on our capacity to exert greater influence and connection through authenticity, empathy and compassion.

Her coaching interventions and the programmes she runs support individuals to increase their mental and emotional fitness, having a direct impact on their performance, their peace of mind and sense of wellness, and on their capacity to develop healthy relationships.

Prior to coaching, she was a project manager for 15 years in the not-for-profit, education, and public sectors in the UK, Spain, and Peru. She has worked within the film and performing arts industries, with domestic violence and mental health organizations, and in a diverse range of youth, educational and cultural projects.

Alejandra’s work has led her to work with a variety of sectors such as mental health, domestic abuse, and youth leadership charities, business schools and social work, start-ups, corporations, the justice system, prisons, and the Metropolitan Police.

She complements her 1:1 executive coaching with the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program, which is an in-depth mental fitness course that runs over 7 weeks, and includes access to the app-based programme for 1 year, weekly video learning sessions, and the possibility of accessing group coaching. This work is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science. Some of the proven benefits are increased performance, happiness, and improved relationships.


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