Career Change MentoringGet Work Ready. Get the job.

In addition to our work with first-time job hunters making the transition from education to employment, Finito is proud to now also offer its bespoke career mentoring and guidance to those already in work and looking to switch careers.

We know how hard it can be for people to make the move into the career they have always wanted, and we help by furnishing them with the necessary skills to move forward onto the first stage of a productive and fulfilling future.

We offer one-to-one mentoring, coaching and guidance to those looking for a change in direction. We help people decide on their new route, and then we hold their hands as they bridge the gap between one career and the next.

Delivered in a relaxed and highly-tailored manner by highly-experienced business people, mentors and coaches, we invite those we work with to progress through a programme of discovery, exploration and action.

We believe the stepping stone from one career to the next should be an enjoyable rather than a daunting experience, and our coaching extends far beyond interview techniques and CV drafting. We help our students:

  • Set the tone for their future career direction, by exploring their strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain insights from highly successful businessmen and women across a wide range of industries and professions
  • Consider how to present themselves
  • Plan strategies to connect with potential employers
  • Create an action plan for a successful job-hunt

Above all, we help people stand out from the crowd, find a sense of direction, and get Work Ready.

• Clear career objectives 
• Enhanced self-awareness 
• Insights from senior industry figures 
• A fit-for-purpose CV 
• Improved presentation skills 
• Developed interview strategies 
• A job-hunt action plan 
• Digital and human networking skills 
• A better ability to demonstrate competencies 
• Greater self-confidence
• New mentors and contacts 
• Access to a 24/7 alumni helpline 
• Advanced writing skills

• Well-developed social media capabilities 
• Confidence to embrace panel selection processes 
• Fall-back career options 
• An all-important first reference 
• Work experience strategies 
• Tools to deal with salary negotiations 
• An understanding of employment law 
• Tactics for communicating with employers
• Skills to deal with Artificial Intelligence in interview processes

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