The Work Ready Course


Finito Work Ready Course 2The Finito course runs over three days, and
requires pre-course preparation and post-course work. Each day runs to a 9am to 5pm timetable, with mid-morning and afternoon breaks, and a 45-minute lunch.


Before arriving for day one of the course, delegates will be asked to complete a questionnaire and preparation document, in which they will be encouraged to consider their options and outline their previous actions. In this way, aims and objectives can be identified ahead of commencement of the programme, and maximum tailoring of learning can be achieved.

  • Pre Course questionnaire
  • Aims and Objectives

Programme Outline

The programme has been divided into three major segments – Discovery, Exploration, and Action.

Day 1 – Discovery

Having completed the initial welcome and introduction sessions, delegates will be asked to talk about their objectives and outcomes. They will then deal with the fears and myths associated with the job search exercise, identifying the inhibitors that are often major blockages for young people looking for roles.

On day one, delegates will be asked to look at factors influencing their choice of career. They will be encouraged to look at their strengths and weaknesses, and to consider the things that are important to them in who they are as a working person.

Speakers will be introduced at this stage, delivering sessions about various career options, to help inform delegates about careers in particular sectors. There will be an opportunity for delegates to hear from senior industry people who have travelled the same routes and experienced the same issues that they are currently experiencing.

Welcome & Introduction

  • Objectives and Outcomes
  • Fears and Myths


  • Career Challenge
  • Values at Work and working identity
  • Strengths exercise
  • “Careers in…….” sessions
  • Ideal Job
  • Reflections

Prep for Day 2

  • Create Ideal Job

Day 2 – Exploration

On day two, delegates will begin by reflecting on their ideal job, as created and considered overnight, and will reflect on the learning from day one.

The theme of the exploration day will be considering how delegates present themselves to the world, and planning the right strategies for connecting with potential employers. The day will include both digital and human networking, and approaches to structuring experience so as to demonstrate competencies.

Towards the end of day two, delegates will do a significant piece of work around the Seven Questions To A New Job exercise, which will lead them to the creation of a CV that is based on their ideal job and highlights their experiences in a way that demonstrates necessary capabilities.

Welcome & Introduction

  • Ideal Job


  • Social media
  • Accelerate Your network
  • Approaching Informational Interviews
  • Storytelling
  • Competency frameworks
  • Seven Questions to a job
  • CV Creation

Prep for Day 3

  • Create CV

Day 3 – Action

On day three, delegates will consolidate their thinking from the discovery and exploration activities already completed, and will create a coherent action plan in order to execute their job campaign going forward.

The day will cover the hard skills around cover letters and the application and interview process, as well as dealing with resilience and other softer skills to provide strategies for when the job search is difficult. Package negotiation and first steps into employment will also be discussed for when the campaign is successful.

At the end of the programme, delegates will produce an action plan and will make a contract with themselves to implement it. The programme director will also outline the future support available to delegates, and means of staying in touch.

Welcome & Introduction

  • CV Review


  • Application Strategy
  • Cover Letters
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Assessment Centre and Case Study Interviewing
  • Interview skills
  • Resilience
  • Package Negotiation

Prep for the Future

  • Prepare Action plan

Post course

Upon completion, it is expected that delegates will have a firm and clear plan to implement, and will have the skills and insights needed to achieve a high success rate going forward. A reporting-back mechanism will be in place to track successes, and those who experienced ongoing difficulties will receive further support.

  • Action Plan tracking
  • Refresh Plan
  • Further Support


  • Maximum of six students


  • Tuesday to Thursday
  • 9am-5pm


  • Business reference
  • CV fit for purpose
  • 24-7 Mentor assistance after the course, as required

Finito courses will cover job-hunt essentials including:

Dress code Presentation training
Preparing your CV Letter writing
CV graphic design Use of a gimmick to gain attention
Dealing with interview techniques Engagement during panel selection
Tasks in interviews Group sessions and debate
Career options Under the spotlight from the media
Digital skills and social media Basics of employment law
Getting the job Work experience
Life skills Assertiveness training
Handing in your notice Securing positions and moving jobs
Appearing online, on TV or on radio Crisis communications
Credibility overseas Giving back to society
Ethics and compliance Questions to ask employers
Salary negotiations Assertive not aggressive
Leaving a good impression Embracing feedback
The importance of networking What to do if the job doesn’t deliver

Enroll: £3,150.00 (ex. VAT)

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