Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I sign up for this course?

Investment in education at college, school and university is predicated on academic achievement and qualifications, but from our experience this does not always leave students in a position where they feel “Work Ready”. Our course makes that transition to employment much easier, and prepares delegates for the step from school to business.

Isn’t that what Careers Advisory was for?

Not everyone fits into the same mould, and many students leave education feeling ill-prepared for the next step. We work alongside Careers Advisory to offer students the best chance of success.

Is three days long enough to deliver the necessary skillsets?

We believe that an intensive programme makes our delegates Work Ready quickly, and our ongoing support means they have all the tools to move their careers forward without delay.

What is the calibre of Finito’s mentors and tutors?

Under the guidance of an experienced Programme Director, our courses are run by knowledgeable business people, not academics. They understand what employers really want, and what young people need to do to impress and make progress.

What are the biggest benefits of doing the course?

Delegates will engage in a programme that is entirely devoted to getting them Work Ready, and to giving them the confidence to go out and succeed. We will prepare a reference, provide them with a CV that is fit for purpose, and give them access to a 24-hour helpline, meaning we are on hand long after the course ends to assist with any job opportunities.

Is the course a one-size-fits-all proposition?

Not at all. Our experts have devised a course that covers all the key elements that we believe are necessary for students to make the transition in to work, but there is plenty of opportunity for delegates to discuss their own ambitions and challenges, and our tutors will tailor everything to the needs of individuals. One-to-one mentoring is also available on request to address any specific issues that may arise.

Do you encourage students to go on your course instead of going to university and racking up debts?

If young people have made up their minds not to go on to further education, we can help get delegates work ready sooner so that they can start out on a career. But we are not promoting ourselves as an alternative to further education; we are here whenever students decide to finish formal education and enter the workforce.

As a parent, what safeguards do you put in place if my son or daughter doesn’t embrace the course properly?

If the course isn’t working for any of our attendees, we will flag that up quickly. We will also work with our students and their parents – where appropriate – to work out ways of progressing and overcoming challenges, whether that’s through more tailored one-to-one sessions, or with a different approach.

Do you take people under the age of 18?

No, not at the moment.

How will I know if the course has been worth the money?

When it comes to measuring a return on investment, we think the most important yardstick is how quickly our students obtain employment. We aim to make our students work ready quickly, and help delegates get started on their careers as soon as possible, so that they can get the ball rolling on a successful and rewarding future.

I am encouraged by access to the 24-hour hotline and wonder how this works in practice?

When delegates finish the three-day course, we will never simply abandon them to the vagaries of the job market. Job opportunities will require guidance and we are here to help, delivering assistance when it is most needed, and guiding our students through the next steps.