Here at Finito, our focus is on helping people make the transition from education to employment, ensuring they have the skills they need to get the best start at the first stage of what we hope is a productive and fulfilling career in business.

We provide students a rich portfolio of skills and help.

Whilst it’s part of what we do, our coaching extends far beyond interview techniques and CV drafting. We provide students a rich portfolio of skills and help including exploring their strengths and weaknesses – providing essential guidance based on this for how to approach their future career direction.

Finito students gain insight and access to people who’ve been there before – and importantly – people that made a success of it – with successful business men and women from a spectrum of industries and professions.

Finito Alumni will have an edge, because modules don’t just cover the traditional approach to starting work, and yes, we do ‘tick the boxes’ to make sure you do it right, but we also give you advice on how to use technology to aid you, how to make the right impression both online and offline (especially during that pivotal moment when you come face-to-face with a potential employer) – promoting yourself as a personal brand.

Finito is about setting you up to succeed.

The course also allows you to secure that all-important first reference, Finito is about setting you up to succeed – so when you walk out the door you will have the toolkit you need to seek employment with confidence. It doesn’t end there – because whilst you may walk out of the door of a Finito course – we will still be there – via telephone or email to support our Alumni. It’s also not just about us – by becoming a Finito Alumni member, you join a network of people that have been through it – and a network of people you could potentially turn to throughout your career!

Stand out from the crowd – sign up for Finito’s education-to-employment programme today – The Work Ready course.